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What is UV resin?

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UV resin is a oligomer ,also known as photosensitive resin through kind of light irradiation, can be in a short time agile physical and chemical changes, and then crosslinked and curing;It is also a photosensitive resin with relatively low molecular weight, with UV reactive groups, such as unsaturated double bonds or epoxy groups.It is the basic resin for UV coating, It is combined with photoinitiator, monomers and various additives to form UV coating.

UV resin can be classified as solvent - based UV resin and water - based UV resin

Solvent-based UV resin mainly includes :UV unsaturated polyester; UV epoxy acrylate; UV polyurethane acrylate;UV polyester acrylate;UV polyether acrylate,UV pure acrylic resin,UV epoxy resin,UV silicone oligomer


Water-based UV resin is a UV resin dissolved in water or dispersed water, moleculer with the number of strong hydrophilic group, such as carboxyl, hydroxyl and amine, ether, acyl amine, etc., and unsaturated groups, such as Acrylyl, methyl acrylyl or allyl. Water-based UV resins have emulsion,dispersed in water and water soluble type. Mainly includes: water-based polyurethane acrylate, water-based epoxy acrylate  and water-based polyester araylate.


UV curing resins are used in a variety of applications in the coating, ink and adhesive industry. They have become very popular resin systems due to their high productivity, ease of application, and low(er) impact on the environment. They are often the best choice when fast drying and curing is needed.The UV coatings is the most application, including the following types: UV water-based coatings, UV powder coatings, UV leather coatings,  UV optical fiber coatings, UV metal coatings ,UV paper varnish, UV plastic coatings  and UV wood coatings. Also they are extensively used in inks for UV flexo, screen, and lithographic printing, in over print varnishes as well as in products for potting and encapsulation of sensitive electronic elements. Other important applications include UV curable acrylic adhesives.


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Address: 802 Room,8 Floor,Pazhou Industrial Park B,8th St Haicheng East,Xingang East Rd,Haizhu District,Guangzhou

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